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Trade on 300+ currency pairs, stock indices, oils, precious metals and bonds on your Classic account, with variable spreads starting from 1.4 pips and no commissions.

The Classic account is suitable for both novice and experienced traders and offers optimal trading conditions, ultra-fast order execution while enabling you to use virtually any trading strategy. This account type is a great gateway to the world of trading and comes with several perks that add value to your trading experience.

Please note that the Classic Account charts show market price and spreads without the mark up.

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Shares represent equity stock in a firm, with the two main types of shares being common shares and preferred shares.


A cryptocurrency is a digitally-encrypted decentralized currency that is impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.


Financial contracts obligating the buyer and seller to transact an financial asset with a predetermined future date at a set price.


Stock Indices use a portfolio of representative companies (usually spanning major industries) to reflect the status of the whole stock market.

Account Types to Suit Your Need

Access the financial market with exceptional trading conditions to apply any trading strategy of your choice.

Classic Account

$ $100 Minimum Deposit
  • Min Lots - 0.01
  • Spread From - 1.4 pips
  • Commission - No

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